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  1. Tim said:

    The set up of the property is very good with chalets being quite private. They are beach rustic but quite comfortable. They could have been a little cleaner but the bedding and bathroom were very clean which is most important. If your chalet is further from the bar restaurant and higher on the dune than others you may find the walking up and down a bit strenuous if you are older or have mobility issues. The track you drive on which leads to the property is not maintained very well by whoever is responsible and is bumpy and rough and crazy quad bike riders go up and down at high speed during the day. I imagine it could get a bit slippery in the wet season.
    The restaurant food was quite good and the service was usually ok and friendly. I thought the staff were not dressed smartly enough. They looked a bit scruffy. The manager was very friendly and helpful. I think in the high season this property could become a bit crowded in the common areas and on the beachfront as it is not a large property.
    The location on the lagoon is excellent and it was lovely to paddle and swim in the clear and calm water although when a breeze comes up it gets quite choppy.
    Bilene village was not impressive. There is nowhere really to stock up on supplies for self catering (there are a couple of self catering chalets at Praia do Sol). Just very basic stuff available from small stall holders. There are no water activities available other than kayaking in the lagoon (which I wouldn’t recommend when its windy) and boat transfers to the beach proper.

  2. Nick W said:

    This was our first trip to Mozambique and we weren’t sure what to expect, however, if you picture in your mind a little bit of paradise then this resort fits the bill. PD Sol was perfect for us in every respect. The location and views are fabulous, the accommodation was rustic but extremely charming, comfortable and clean. The staff were extremely polite, friendly and helpful, especially Debbie, the manager who bent over backwards to make sure we had a great holiday.
    We would thoroughly recommend PD Sol to anyone, here’s a place where you can feel close to nature, have virtually sole access to spotless, white sand beaches, enjoy great food and relax in peace away from the hectic pace of the real world.
    We will definitely be back as soon as we can.

  3. FernandoS said:

    Writing a balanced review about Praia do Sol is not easy. but I’ll do my best.

    In first place, the location and overall resort set up are great. It is not a 5 star hotel, nor it intends to be. It is a place where you feel close to nature and well integrated with the surrounding environment. Most of the cabins have a beautiful view over the Bilene lagoon. We really loved the en-suite cabins, the spotless beds and the amazing shower cabin (check attached picture), where you have the extraordinary experience of having a shower in the middle of the surrounding green bush (do not worry, the setup is such that your privacy is not at stake). The resort is just near the beach and it features an excellent bar and a nice restaurant. All the staff is friendly, helpful and efficient.

    But PDS has a couple of downsides also. In first place, the price is slightly above what you would expect on this region. But is true that it is by far the best place to stay near Bilene and one of the best in the Xai-Xai region. Moreover, since the cabins are quite simple and rustic, you may have some close encounters with other small inhabitants of the area. Also on the negative side, you may find that one light or another or one AC plug is not working on its best. But I am sure that these small details can be promptly fixed if you stay there for a longer stay and, in any case, they do not compromise the beauty of the place.

    Unhappily, we have been there just for one night on the weekend. But we surely would love to stay there longer.

  4. Nix said:

    Loved this hotel and staff!!! The food was excellent, the staff amazing, the location perfect and the drinks cheap! The rooms are not that nice, there are big spiders, rats and bats in the chalets because there are big holes in the floor lol!!! But you will most definitely enjoy your vacation in Mozambique.

  5. Jen said:

    Prai do Sol has been our destination for the last 8 years – every September.

    The very rustic chalets are most certainly not 5 star – but then neither are the prices. The rooms have everything that one would need on a holiday. Beautiful crisp pure cotton linen, comfortable beds, magnificent mosquito nets and above all – serviced every day by the most unbelievably friendly staff.

    The setting has to be the best in Mozambique and no need to travel to any exotic Indian Ocean Islands with this right on our door step. The Lagoon is safe to swim in and a wonderful setting for ensuring that children have an awesome holiday – in the real sense of the word Holiday !

    The breakfasts are breakfasts – nothing more – nothing less. Breakfast is available from 7.30 to 11 so no need to worry about lunch which is not included in the rate. The dinners are 3 course meals with scrumptious home made style food. They sometimes have a BBQ on the beach with a huge bonfire and sometimes lovely Buffets. The dining staff are open to fussy eaters and always have the traditional Mozambique smile that they so freely share with the guests.

    There are plenty of little restaurants in the village to satisfy any eating type and we have sampled them all. Supporting the locals in the village spreads the wealth.

    You can take a boat out to the Ocean and spend a day on the beach – finding an isolated spot on the other side of the lagoon is also precious – swimming in the lagoon is far better than swimming in the unprotected sea – they have no shark nets.

    All in all – a wonderful place to totally chill out and relax with DSTV cable television if you really have to watch something.

  6. Mpo said:

    Beautiful position above the lagoon; very helpful and welcoming hosts and a comfy wooden and thatched cabin. The beds had crisp white linen and mosquito nets, plus nice touches such as a mosquito coil, spray and matches by the bedside. The bathroom had a stone shower with double shower heads. Good food and drink. Only minor grumble would be that there are fairly big gaps in the wood and between the ceiling and the walls, so you will need the mosquito nets and repellents!

  7. Ldrecht said:

    Last week we stayed at the Praio do Sol in Bilene. It was wonderful. The rooms are very nice and we had a beautiful view at the lagoon. The people were very friendly and the food oke. A very nice place.

  8. Piper said:

    I spent a few days here at the end of a work trip and came away convinced that this may be the most beautiful place on earth. You stay in local style (bamboo and thatch) wood floored cabins along a beautiful lagoon. The cabins have ensuite bathrooms with natural stone showers and lots of hot water. I cannot describe how cool this place it. The beds are EXTREMELY comfy with clean, quality sheets,fluffy pillows, and mosquito nets that form a square above the bed (no detangling needed). The cabins have electricity (South Africa plugs) and are provided with fans, coffee and a coffee maker.

    I never wanted to leave the room, but I was glad I did. The lagoon is beautiful and has a beautiful white sand beach perfect for lying out. For a small fee, there is also a boat to take you out to the sandbar separating the lagoon from the ocean. The hotel will also pack you an ice chest of cold beverages, and umbrellas to keep the sun off. Four of us from the hotel went together and we were the only people for for as far as we could see. Snorkeling is also available and included in the boat fee. However, we didn’t really see anything, and while the boat guy was great in every other way, I am not sure he is a good snorkeling guide. Still the ocean is amazing and the isolation really lets you relax.

    We paid about 65$ which included a cooked breakfast and 3 course dinner, both of which were delicious. Lunch was extra. I think the regular rates are higher, but we not only hit low season, but our group included a Mozambican, which netted as a special deal. Regular rates are closer to 75$ a person.

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